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galleri NB (( 18.11 – 09.12 )) John Reuss + Nathalie Duivenvoorden

Sunday, November 18th  Gallery NB opens two new solo-exhibitions with the artists John Reuss and Nathalie Duivenvoorden.

The gallery has always valued to represent artists with edge and a strong character which is a part of the qualities in a fine work of art – and these two very last solo-exhibitions in 2018 is no exception.
In Main gallery the exhibition “Disruption” of John Reuss is to be found. One meet an artist with a surprisingly powerful personal expression using a subdued color scheme.
While Nathalie Duivenvoorden in the NBeX project with “Pausing at the blind spots” shows intense and atmospheric color pencil drawings of various landscapes.
What unites the two exhibitions is that both artists have a dedicated approach in their process of creating art. 
One experiences that they spend a long time to work through their artwork, so they will achieve the intensity in their work which they both so hardly wishes.

John Reuss 

Some description

The foundation in the art of John Reuss can be summarized as a complex work of art done with an enormous technical skill, alone with that intention to be able to describe the many existential aspects of both the individual and the society - John Reuss has a very dedicated artistic personality. 

It is rare to meet an artist who has the courage to vary that much from the norm. In his small studio he uses pencil, charcoal, acrylic painting and airbrush to create his complex paintings.

The complexity of his paintings which sometimes can be hard to decode and interpret is a natural reflection of how he experiences life, both personally and societally.

John Reuss expresses: 
“The main theme in my paintings is alienation and in my latest works there is a special focus on loss and confusion in relation to identity. 
I think the world we live in is extremely turbulent and fragmented - we are constantly being exposed to interruptions and information which we have to navigate in.
My paintings is a reaction on that, because I seek to catch and question the psychological, emotional and existential consequences in the development of society”  

Some description

John Reuss was born 1973 in Flensburg, Germany.
He lives and works in Denmark.
Some description
Video about the painting: Three Degrees of Disintegration - click at the photo.

Nathalie Duivenvoorden 

Some description

In the gallery we often get new artist hints and so Hugo Tieleman suggested Nathalie Duivenvoorden, he highlighted her as a brilliant and deeply professional drawer. 
After an examination of her work we had to agree with him - she is brilliant and that is why we invited her to exhibit in NBeX project.

Nathalie Duivenvoorden expresses:
‘Pausing at the blind spots’- a Dutch writer I worked with came up with that sentence once when we were making a text together for a project I did in France. For me that describes perfectly what I try to do: Stopping the moment in my drawings, trying to look to the landscape and formulate a new position – a position that lies behind what we can discover at a fleeting glance - and then we hopefully find something that can help us towards a better understanding and coexisting. 

Some description
Nathalie Duivenvoorden was born 1988 in Leiden, Holland. 
She lives and works in Sweden.
Video of Nathalie Duivenvoorden: Pausing At The Blind Spots

galleri NB >> Hugo Tieleman II Meydad Eliyahu << 07.10 - 02.11


Sunday, October 7th Gallery NB opens two solo exhibitions: In MAIN gallery you will find Hugo Tieleman from Netherlands and the gallery "NBeX project" presents Meydad Eliyahu from Israel.
Our gallery discovered both artists when they participated at Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival. 
Their way of working  and visuel expressions shows a very high standard.Later on they have both manifested themselves successfully at international exhibitions, which makes it even more interesting to introduce their newest work at gallery NB.

Hugo Tieleman 

 Some description
Hugo Tieleman borned in Eindhoven 1982 is an extraordinary intense artist with broad international perspectives. 
He visited Denmark in 2012 where he participated in the Billboard Painting Festival. Today Hugo Tieleman is well-known among art collectors - therefore the gallery is honored that he will bring us this new exhibition experience where we frankly spoken - will find light in the darkness. 

 Some description
Hugo Tieleman recently told that through his paintings he investigates reality in the modern landscape including the relation between culture and nature, the border between humanity and nature and the balance between them.
Cities around the world still expand in expense of the surrounding landscape - the "footprints" of the human being is visible - so his work of art is about investigating those environments. 
Hugo Tielemans work is both about fantasy and reality and about the individual and the world.
It is important to mention that it is not an attack against the modern society, but his paintings is a study of view and change.
The regarding person should transfer it into her or his own reality  - as well as being confronted with the bare reality.
His new installation Mining Site will be placed at the center of the exhibition.

Some description
Video about the exhibition - Click at the photo 
There is no doubt about that the exhibition will be an utterly interesting and intense experience.

Meydad Eliyahu

 Some description
Meydad Eliyahu borned 1983 in Mesilat Zion, Israel is an highly interesting artist, he has not only significant ideas about humanity but also a strong and powerful expression in his work of art.
The reason might be that he as a Israelic citizen is used to meet challenges in society.
When the gallery and Meydad Eliyahu decided the content of the exhibition his Wandering theme was chosen - because the expression “Less but better” characterizes his work.
Meydads spontaneous and very simple kaligraphic inkdrawings attract attention towards the regarding person. The vibrating sensuously and well-known attitudes make the drawings captivating - therefore there is no doubt about that this exhibition will leave food for thoughts. 

Some description
Video about his exhibition - click the photo

 Some description
Period of the exhibitions: 07.10 - 02.11 2018
Vernisage: both artists participate during the vernissage which is at Sunday, October 7th between 14.00 - 16.00 pm

galleri NB >> 26.09 - 30.09 << ARTTHEHAGUE

Some description
Visit us at Art The Hague - Booth: 12 
Artists: Andrea Damp, John Reuss and Vilmantas

Wedsnesday 26 September 6 pm -10 pm
Thursday 27 September 2 pm – 9 pm
Friday 28 September 2 pm – 9 pm
Saturday 29 September 11 am – 8 pm
Sunday 30 September 11 am – 6 pm

Fokker Terminal, Binckhorstlaan 249, 2616 BB Den Haag

galleri NB >> 17.06 - 03.08 << Passion

Some description

Section of the exhibition PASSION

As the title demonstrates the major focus is on emotion, passion and involvement.

The five artists share a common narrative style according to the theme “passion”.
The artists regard the ethical as well as the fundamental human topics in their very different work of art.
They share their individual stories with a glow and energy which leave the audience with a catching experience and food for thought.
It’s an exceptional exhibition - since the gallery offers a summer exhibition with paintings and sculptures made by the very different artists:
Vilmantas, Henriette Hellstern, John Reuss, Thomas Anderson and Ole Tersløse.

Bottom line - it’s not going to be tedious.

Some of the artists will be present at the opening:
Sunday June 17th at 14-16

Some description



 Some description

Henriette Hellstern 

Anatomy studies VI, 140 x 140 cm

Some description

John Reuss

Tumor Balloon

Some description

Thomas Andersson

Hellere en kæp i øret end en gallerist...., 20 cm høj.

Some description

Ole Tersløse

Genius Loci, 91 x 81 x 160cm

 Some description Thorkild NB Nielsen is new Chairman of DGS

On 14 May, Thorkild NB Nielsen, galleri NB was elected as new chairman of the Danish Gallery Association.

DGS was founded in June 1967 as an organization for Danish galleries and currently has 50 members throughout the country.
DGS carries out gallerist relations with artists, colleagues and politicians, and is co-organizer of Art Herning.
DGS sits on board posts and representativeships in, among other things, The Danish Arts Council, The Danish Arts Committee for Foreign Studies, and participate in committee work on new legislative proposals concerning art.
DGS is an international member of the European Federation of Galleries, FEAGA (Federation of European Art Galleries Association)

galleri NB << 22.04-03.06>>MAIN gallery + NBeX project
Some description
(Kristian Vodder Svensson in the center)
A month ago Kristian Vodder Svensson participated in the DR program: the art of being cheated. That he was able to copy a P. C. Skovgaard painting was impressive. Not least because Christian's own paintings are completely different on almost every point. Except one: the details of the myriads of trees, islands, birds, whales, humans and what else occurs in his subtle universe. In many ways, he has this in common with the Golden Age painters who also praised the detail and the great nature.

Some description
Kristian Vodder Svensson is also known for several other contexts. Last year he decorated the Spanish Steps in Sønderborg, and this installation has already become a tourist attraction. Immediately after the exhibition, guests at Fur Bryghus can experience a 2 x 10 m impressive painting located on the back wall of the brewery's new concert hall.
Some description
Kristian Vodder Svensson's exhibition Mythical Junctions in the MAIN gallery presents a series of new works where his paintings are complex mixtures of mysterious nature, recognizable fragments of man-made things, Avatar-like floating islands, sea and mammals and of course humans. Certain paintings can assume almost surreal expressions where one can feel the lost Atlantis.
Some description
Maxim Brandt (born 1986) has just been selected to exhibit in Jeune Création in Paris. Among the 1,800 artists, the jury has selected 38 emerging / upcoming international artists. An amazing gift to an artist, as the gallery already spotted two years ago.
The French philosopher Gaston Bachelard said: "The forest is a state of mind". Man goes into the nature to find peace but actually he meets himself there. A dark impenetrable forest or a boundless field is a barrier, which hides another world - the world of the unconscious. Man is going in the forest to meet his ‚inner forest’. It is scary but at the same time fascinating. For me, the inner forest of an artist embodies a limitless world of poetry and imagination tells Maxim Brandt.
Some description

In my paintings I try to connect the inner forest with the themes of the nature or natural forest, where a curious poetics arises, which invites the viewer into a transrational poetic forest of things in which each viewer can discover his own “forest”. Often I use to put various architectural elements in the floral landscapes as traces of human like a contrast to nature. In some latest works I leave the northern European forests and began to combine sculptural and architectural elements with southern, tropical and exotic palm groves, where the absurd encounters the idea of exoticism.
Some description
(Maxim Brandt at the exhibition)
Besides the fact that my paintings look irrational or even absurd, they draw attention to the environmental problems like disappearance of the forests and changes of vegetation areas by human culture. I see my paintings as metaphors, that humans constantly designs the nature on their own imagination and go further and further away from their once lost paradise.
When we visited him in his Berlin studio he gave this interview: Maxim Brandt - Forest of Things

30 years Jubilee exhibition
24.09 - 28.10 2017

Some description
Thorkild NB Nielsen talked about the story of galleri NB

Some description
Gorm Bull plays for the guests.

Some description
Presentation of colleges in galleri NB. From the right side: Morten Fragtrup, Thorkild NB Nielsen, Susanne Kam Kristensen, Bente Hammer (fChairman of Kunstforeningen NB) and Hanne Simony.

Some description
Lars Stentoft, CEO of Culture in Viborgmakes the opening speach.

Some description
Paul Smulders talks on behalf of the artists.

Some description
All exhibitions rooms are used for The Jubilee exhibition.

Some description

Some description

Some description

Some description

Some description

galleri NB >> 20.08 - 17.09 << Invitation
MAIN gallery: John Reuss 
NBeX project: Indra Marcinkeviciene

The artist statements:

Some description

John Reuss



The world I depict is not a physical location in space and time. It is an inner world, a world where thought, emotion and raw cognition defines not only the figures, but also the space they inhabit.

For me the creative process is a key to that inner, psychological world - balancing on the border of the conscious and subconscious and revolving around themes like how we relate to the world we live in, the definition of “self” contra the surrounding world, our bodily integrity and mortality.

My work often deals with issues such as alienation, loneliness and the pursuit of an unattainable inner harmony. In general I am very interested in the inner life of people and that carries through in the way my figures turn out. Their various disfigurements, missing body parts and multiple angles is a symbol of their psychology and cognitive mechanisms.

Labels such as “existential surrealism” or “psychological realism” have often been used about my work - which I think describes it well. I aim to make art that not only tells about me, but also speaks to the viewer and is open to interpretation - that can contain meaning that I myself have not foreseen.

My process is one of dialogue, applying, revisiting, destroying and creating. My favorite medium is acrylic paint - it dries fast suiting both my temperament and my technique very well. I don’t like to wait too long in between adding layers of paint to my work. 

In the process I strive to obtain a balance -  on the border of the conscious and subconscious, where i react and paint without too much reflection, alternated with more reflected and controlled decisions. 

I apply multiple layers, adding and removing elements and I work directly on the canvas, drawing my sketches up with paint or charcoal. I often include charcoal and pencil drawings in several layers, resulting in a more sensitive and fragile “feel”. 

Painting over parts, making mistakes and getting lost is a very important part of my process. Although frustrating at times, getting lost and loosing the overview allows for unforeseen and unusual ideas to emerge. For me creativity is as much about tearing down and destroying as it is about creating and building up. This also means that the final work is the result of the process rather than a planned image.

Towards the end of the process I add the finer detail, finishing highlights and shading and cleaning up certain lines and areas. You often find traces of the process itself in a finished work: The structure of layered paint, delicate pencil work, the raw smudged charcoal lines and layers intertwined and partially exposed.

Since my process is cyclic it is also endless - I will often revisit already “finished work” and rework it all over again, giving it a new dimension and adding to the historicity of the work.

Some description 

Indra Marcinkeviciené

From My Secret World

IndraMarcinkevičienė is remarkable artist who is not only known as art pano and installation author, but also as a furniture and interior designer. Indra is great colorist. This characteristic has become her visiting card. Indra is able to feel and compare subtle color tones,therefor her furniture, fabrics and wall paintings start to vibrate like strings.  

Indra applies very wide range of colors and tones, bright and unexpected color combinations, lasting and steady materials to her creations. With her coloristic propositions, bright colors and contrast combination Indrastands out from the Nordic art context. The color scale artist uses in her artwork is not common to Lithuanian, neither to any other art schools in northern Europe. This is why creations of IndraMarcinkevičienė leaves no indifferent.

After verysuccessful participation in the international furniture design fairs such as „IFF Singapore“ (2012, 2013), Lithuanias’ Stand in Cannes Film Festival (2013), London Design Week (2013), Craft Show Philadelphia (2013), Maison and Object Paris (2013, 2014), Collect Saatchi Gallery London (2015) IndraMarcinkevičienė is continuing to work on her new object and furniture collections.

This time artist is presenting her brand new object called “From my secret world”, art panosand art lover sympathy winning installation “Stradivarijauskrioklys”(EN: “Waterfall of Stradivarius”).

Art object “From my secret world” is inspired bychildhood. “Sekretai” (EN: “Secrets”) – it’s a game frequently played by kids of Soviet Unionback in the day. Main point of this game was to create the best view from flowers, pictures, press - cuttings and other “precious” materials. Once all the materials are in place – you have to close them over with glass shiver and hide it under the cup of soil. The aim of this game is to reveal your secret and surprise person who’ve found it.

Indra lost her mother at a very young age. Girl has suffered so much and felt big emptiness because of the loss. But deep inside her heart she felt mothers blessing and love. Maybe this is why Indra was gifted with very lively imagination and sensitive hearing of colors. Love to this life – this secret is hiding under object “From my secret world”. That’s why it’s blooming in the most passionate and sensitive colors and involving spectator to a vertexes of joy.  

To join this project Indra invited Lithuanian artist Rima Sutkienė, who has created exclusively to “From my secret world” dedicatedpiece “LaiminantiMamosranka”. This – moms blessing piece – is a main concept of this artwork.

There are two color scales presented in this exhibition – fire and water elements reflecting in color pano“KartaisverkiukaipNiagaroskrioklys” (EN: “Sometimes I cry like an waterfall of Niagara”). Egg motif and nature elements have been chosen not accidently  - they are creatures of universe, objects with no beginning or the end, symbols of infinity and eternity.

Egg motif is the key inspiration source to Indra. It is a symbol of eternity, productivity, perfection, prosperity, health and beauty. It also holds a magical meaning –power of birth giver goddesses inside. The shape of an egg is a symbol of perfection. Eternity and perfect existence metaphor is rephrased and enriched with stylish bright color solutions and is being transformed to and original and aesthetic objects.

Installation “Stradivarijaus krioklys” (EN: “Waterfall of Stradivarius”) is made from pano, carpet and a bench. It is like a musical piece. Coloristic composition is creating a harmony of objects, which was inspired by a world famous Italian violin producer Anatolij Stradivarius. He wanted to become a sculptor or musician, but the worldwide honor he deserved by making master special timber violins. Inspired by this story Indra created a bright furniture and object installation. It talks about dreams, that come true in a ways we don’t expect them to come.

It’s important to note, that designer pays attention to all – a visual expression of an object, ergonomic solutions and aesthetics. For those reasons I. Marcinkevičienė creatures are attractive and desirable. Never ending experiments with colors, learning, improvement and risky search of color shapes are fundamental in Indra Marcinkevičienė creative work.

 Art critic Julija Dailidėnaitė

galleri NB Magazine - Autumn 2017

Some description

This magazine is about our jubilee and exhibitions in the next half year. It is written in danish language. But there are many great photos to look at.

Article about galleri NB in Scan Magazine

Some description


This article in Scan Magazine tells the story about galleri NB to the passengers of Sun Air, SWISS Air, Primera Air, British Airways Denmark - London, Eastern Airways, City Airlines, SAS and Ryan Air Nordic Routes. 
You can read the article at page 82: https://issuu.com/scanmagaz…/docs/scanmagazine_102_july_2017

galleri NB is selected to participate in the international art fair
Art Vilninus 8-11 June 2017

galleri NB exhibit exclusive Vilmantas Marcinkevicius solo at stand 3.16

Some description

Some description

We are delighted to announce that Vilmantas exhibit his new paintings 2017. 

gallery NB is selected to participate in the international art fair KunstRAI 2017.

Some description

We exhibit the following artists:

Some description
John Reuss - solo

At stand 8:

Some description
Paul Smulders

Some description
Toon Berghahn

Some description
Hugo Tieleman

If you are interested in which works of art that the artists participate in on our stands, you can see the works of the individual artists on our website - just click on the above pictures.
The works presented on KunstRAI are on the websites from Friday, 26 May.

Examples of successes:

Some description
Randers Statsskole - Marius Martinussen 
Click for Video: Marius Martinussen udsmykker Randers Statsskole

Some description 
Hedeager Kirke - Vilmantas
Click for Video: Udsmykning af Hedeager Kirke

Some description 
Private homes 
Art is part of your identity. We are happy for all costumers who has chosen our artists.

Some description
For example AC Hydraulic that use art as DNA of the company.
Please have a look at this link: Udsmykninger

Upcoming exhibitions: 
For the next 3 month we are happy to show some important emerging artists:
Please  have a look at our calendar: Calendar of exhibitions

Team NB thank you for the past 2016 and we are courious for the future.

We wish all of you a happy new year

June 11th to July 23th 

Some description

All artists participating in this year's workshop, which initiates Viborg International Billboard Painting Festival,
exhibit their normal works in the gallery NB.

Some description

In Main gallery artists from the top-shelf are presented:

Some description

Simone Berrini - Italy

Some description

Mette Rishøj - Denmark

Some description

Gustavo Abascal - Mexico

Some description

Jolanta Kyzikaite - Lithuania

Some description

Boris Pratamarov - Bulgaria

Some description

Pablo Diaz Benzo - Chile

Some description

Paul Smulders - Netherlands

Some description

Øystein Tømmerås - Norway

8 artists from 8 nations ......

Exhibitions in the Center gallery and NBeX project:

Some description

galleri NB = 06.02 - 27.02 = Contrast

We hereby invite to the opening of the exhibition


with the artists Vilmantas (LT) and Kristian Vodder Svensson (DK)
Saturday the 6th of February at 2 to 4 pm

Some description

The exhibition is an experience in the meeting of two artists who essentially are opposites.
However, they have one thing in common: they are both brilliant artists.
Both artists participate in the opening and they will introduce their exhibition at 2:15pm.

Some description
You Tube video from the exhibition

galleri NB = 19.12 - 23.01 = Invitation

Vernissage of two new exhibitions Saturday 19th of December at 2-4pm
The artists will be present and both of them will tell more about their exhibition at 2:15pm

Main gallery

Some description

Henriette Hellstern

Vægtløs (Weightless)

Youtube video: Henriette Hellstern - Vægtløs


Center gallery

Some description

Külli Suitso 

Youtube video: Külli Suitso - Helmet

Merry Christmas
galleri NB

Great news from Marius Martinussen.
A big change of artistic profile. Very inspirering.

Some description Some description
Have a look at his website

galleri NB = 07.11 - 28.11 = Invitation

Some description

Main gallery - Steen Larsen - Come Rain or Come Shine

Some description 

NBeX project - Mykole Ganusauskaite - Landscapes

It’s with great pleasure we invite you to two vernissages on 

Saturday the 7th of November at 1:30pm to 4pm

We are celebrating new lines in the artworks of Steen Larsen,
and in NBeX project we are happy to present Mykole Ganusauskaite,
who in 2013 won the Baltic Young Painters Prize. 

galleri NB  II 03.10 - 31.10  III Invitation

It is with great pride that we introduce three young artists with great potential when we on
Saturday October 3rd at 1:30pm to 4pm
invite you to the opening of three exhibitions in the galleri NB and NBeX project.
NBeX project
Yellow Soup
with an introduction of the artist at 1:30pm

Center gallery
with an introduction of the artist at 2:20pm
Main gallery
No title?
with an introduction of the artist at 2:15pm

galleri NB IIII Merry Christmas

Some description

Christmas is also the time to enjoy the arts.
We are therefore pleased to invite you into gallery NB (Main, Center and NBeX project)
on the following days:

Monday.  December 22 pm. 10-17

Tuesday.  December 23 pm. 10-17

Saturday. December 27 pm. 10-14

Monday.   December 29 pm. 10-17

Tuesday.   December 30 pm. 10-17

After the New Year we open again on Monday. 5th of January.

And the program for January 2015 is finished. If you link in to our calendar, you can see our exhibition plans.

Some description

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Big evening together with HRH the Prince Consort of Denmark

2014 October 30th H.R.H. Prince Henrik of Denmark visited galleri NB to see his new portrait and the artists work behind the portrait including the sketches. Vilmantas and the The Prince Consort was very happy to meet again, and the gallery was a beautiful place for both to visit.

Some description Some description

Some description Some description

Some description

New film

Tour of galleri NB is a new film making a short presentation of the big gallery.

Please have a look at:




Some description


Peter Frøstrup is the new gallerist in galleri NB

Some description

During the openings on Saturday 8 March, we presented Peter Frøstrup, as our new gallerist in gallery NB.

Peter Frøstrup currently holds the position, as branch manager of Sparekassen Thy in Aulum. By the end of March he leaves this position to start as proactive gallerist in galleri NB by 1st of April.

Peter Frøstrup has a solid background in the financial world. Educated in the local savings bank in Northern Jutland and afterwards he has been employed in Bank Kronjylland and from 2003 to 2010, he held a leading position in Difko.

He has a personal interest in art and he has also been the initiator of an art association in Difko.

In the gallery NB, we expect Peter to combine the interest in art, and especially the art represented in galleri NB, with his large network of companies across the country.

They must be an attraction in the spring

When three artists open three very different exhibitions in each part of galleri NB Viborg, it is quiet a task to present each of them in a satisfying way.

However it was accomplished on Saturday the 8th of March when Sabine Beyerle opened her exhibition Floating in Main gallery, Christina Blaabjerg opened her total decoration in Centre gallery and Vivi Linnemann occupied NBeX project with her acrylic sculptures.

The diversity of the three exhibitions compliments each other and the guests expressed great enthusiasm for what they saw and experienced during the openings. That is promising for the exhibition during the next weeks.

Some description 

Presentation of Vivi Linnemann in NBeX project

Some description

Christina Blaabjerg and Sabine Beyerle in galleri NB