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Andrea Damp - Sturmfrei and Beate Höing - Buddies

14.11 2020 - 10.12 2020
Slut dato: 2020-12-10

Sturmfrei has two meanings in German. One is that it is windless and the other is a metaphor/winged word for when you have the house to yourself and it is completely silent.

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24.09 2020 - 27.09 2020
Slut dato: 2020-09-27

ANIDOX:VR Award 2020

ANIDOX:VR Awards –  factual and visual storytelling in emerging media/VR.

This year, the ANIDOX:VR Awards Exhibition takes place at Galleri NB, at the heart of Viborg center.

Updated informations: ANIDOX:VR 2020

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