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29.01 - 28.02

29.01 2021 - 28.02 2021
Slut dato: 2021-02-28

Steen Larsen wrote this note about upcoming the exhibition:

The exhibition has been created while we here at home have been shut down by a pandemic and have been cut off from ordinary social interaction with each other.
At the same time, we have seen a United States in disarray with a lack of respect for law and order.
A USA I myself have traveled in, and have had so many amazing experiences in, and whose art has made great inspiration for my own paintings.

Climatic and political issues that affect me a lot. My latest rain paintings are painted at the same time as it was told that you could now see fish in the canals of Venice - rain and water are signs of life and give me a hope that we come out on the other side wiser and ready not to do everything as we usually do. Steen Larsen.


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13.12 2020 - 10.01 2021
Slut dato: 2021-01-10

Christmas Stars
14.12 - 17.01

The exhibition ends when the corona restrictions allow us to reopen.

Image of the gallery's artists

Monday the 14th of December, we open this year's Christmas Exhibition.
The gallery's Danish and international artists participate in the exhibition with a star parade of selected works of art.
Due to the corona crisis around Europe, it is possible for the artists to contribute to our Christmas exhibition with some of the best art we have seen in a long time.
That is why we look forward to Christmas with joy and excitement.
Merry Christmas and a happy new year 
Team NB

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14.11 2020 - 10.12 2020
Slut dato: 2020-12-10

Sturmfrei has two meanings in German. One is that it is windless and the other is a metaphor/winged word for when you have the house to yourself and it is completely silent.

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