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Monday-Friday: 12-17 + Sunday: 10-12

30.11 2019 - 01.12 2019
Slut dato: 2019-12-01

Christmas Event
Sunday the 1st of December at 12:00 - 16:00 (sharp!)

We resume an old tradition when we make a sharp Christmas Event on Sunday, December 1st.
The Christmas event consists of a number of artworks that the artists together with gallery NB bring up for sale for only DKK 5,000, - per artwork.
The normal price of the artworks will be between DKK 6,000 - 10,000,- 

Unique artworks of the following artists:
Andrea Damp
Nana Rosenørn Holland Bastrup
Marius Martinussen
Thomas Andersson
Steen Larsen
Heidi av Reyni
John Reuss
Toon Berghahn
Beate Höing
Paul Smulders
Carsten Frank
Sabine Beyerle
Hugo Tieleman

However, the Christmas Event 2019 gets a new course:
The artworks will be placed in the MAIN gallery during week 48. Normal prices will be displayed in the gallery as well at each artist webpage and artworks with the description as:
Part of our Christmas Event December 1st at 12:00-16:00

The Christmas Event opens exactly at. 12:00 Sunday, December 1, and closes at 16:00. It is only during this time that customers can acquire the artwork for only DKK 5,000.

Customers will be able to spy on the show during the week leading up to the Christmas Event. If they cannot attend the Christmas Event, they must send a substitute who can buy for them instead. Or they can buy the artwork on normal terms before the Christmas Event.

On Monday the 2nd of December, all unsold artwork will be removed from the room and a new Christmas exhibition will be placed in the MAIN gallery.

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03.11 2019 - 24.11 2019
Slut dato: 2019-11-24

Henrik Kleppe Worm-Müller
- about his art.

I focus in my art on moods. I can best convey that in the landscape painting. 
I became interested in landscape painting the first year I went to Oslo drawing and painting school in 2001. William Turner quickly became my biggest inspiration, then Lars Hertervig and the national romance. And in recent years I have had many references to the Impressionists.

It is difficult for me to give a special clue as to where I find my inspiration. But it's probably from things I've experienced. At the same time, I am also inspired by what is called kitsch. So I mix kitsch with designs that have nothing to do with kitsch. I find it extremely interesting to see what happens when I mix something naively with something that has more substance.

Technically, David Lynch's Twin Peaks has been instrumental in influencing my expression in painting. As I watched the 2000 series, my paintings changed, becoming more aware of what I was taking pictures of, camera angles, perspectives and lighting.

In addition, in recent years I have worked more with colors than I have in a long time.

With my current expression, I manage to convey the feeling I actually have inside. It is, in a way, an overall summary of everything I have experienced and been through.

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