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Slut dato: 2024-09-07

– the largest and biggest exhibition of the year

01.06 - 07.09

The gallery is proud to announce WAOU 24, as the longest and most comprehensive exhibition of the year, which will take place from June 1st to September 7th.
As something new, during this period the exhibition will continuously undergo changes and present new works and artists, creating a dynamic and living experience for all visitors who will return more than once during the exhibition.

Virtual tour
To make it a little easier to get an overview of the scope of the exhibition, we have created a 3D option for a virtual review of the exhibition.

Link to explore the exhibition

NBeX project
Curated by Kasper Ruseng, the NBeX project presents a brand new set of young artists who will bring fresh perspectives and innovative art to the exhibition.
The title of the exhibition in the NBeX project is And The sun takes its course and presents the following artists:

Link to the artist artworks - click the photo

Anders Schans

Astrid Skibsted

Bjørn Ellermand

Emma Sloth

Jasmin Aichi 

Kristine Meyer

Lars Hjortkær

Magnus Krysto

Trebboel Mada

Gallery NB
In the main gallery exhibits the following artists:

Amalie Olesen

Andrea Damp

Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig

Beate Höing

Carsten Frank

Daniela Schönemann

Hugo Tieleman

John Reuss

Christine Harboe

Jacob Brostrup

Marius Martinussen

Nana RHB

Paul Smulders

Petter Hepsø

Sabine Beyerle

Steen Larsen

Toon Berghahn

Vilmantas Marcinkevicius

We take a short break in the middle of the exhibition period, where we take a two-week holiday in weeks 29 and 30.
However, it is still possible to arrange a visit to the gallery if you contact +45 40618044.

The holiday gives us the opportunity to prepare new surprises and ensure that the exhibition remains exciting and renewed.
Come and experience a diversity of artworks from both established and upcoming artists.
WAOU 24 promises to be an unforgettable journey through the world of art, where every week brings new experiences and inspirations.

We look forward to welcoming you to WAOU 24