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Projects and Integrated Art

Never underestimate the first impression of your business.
Every business is unique. It is reflected in the product, what you work with, the staff, furniture and interior - and not least in the artistic choice.

Galleri NB stands strong when making a choice between competent art advisers, as our competencies are based on countless individual decorations that we have been advising on since 1987.

We are very sober, creative and humble when we take on a task. Our objective is to supports the company's profile and provides quality experiences for the employees.

Whether it is colleges, hospitals, dentists, lawyers or production companies, service companies, etc., openness, creativity and quality are key words in our work.

It makes no sense to list the many decorations that we have completed over the years, but we have selected some examples that you can see further down the page.

We also reach out to your company:
We are nationwide and geography is not an issue. Then call or write for a non-binding visit: 8662 8224 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are used to collaborating and coordinating the decoration part with the builders, architects and interior designers, so that the artists can concentrate on creating the best result for the place.

Examples of commissions:

EP Group

The company works with people. Among other reasons, they chose Vilmantas Marcinkevicius to underline the company's profile.

AC Group

AC Group is a company that, among other things, works with parts for cars. Therefore, Claus AC (chairman of AC Group) found it interesting to enrich the canteen, where up to 280 employees pass daily, with a new large painting by Steen Larsen.Møllevejens fodboldstadium in Jægerspris 2021

Court of Viborg

The various courtrooms have been decorated with different visual artists who can inspire those present in the individual courtrooms.

Andrea Damp

Nana RHB

Marius Martinussen

Møllevejens School.

Close to Møllevejen's school, leisure and youth club in Jægerspris is the football stadium with relatively simple spectator facilities built in concrete.
To add more life to the area and make it more inspiring, Kristian Vodder Svensson was chosen to decorate both the square concrete boxes and the slopes' seats.

The overall theme was of course football, but when Kristian works he always adds and integrates elements from the surroundings.
Together with a small dedicated team of young volunteers, who spent a few hours every day helping Kristian with the painting, they managed to add new life and inspiration to the concrete in a way so that the decoration can be experienced both from a distance and up close.

Details from the commission.

Video link to YouTube about the decoration.

Financing: Frederikssund Municipality and a private sponsor
Material sponsor: Flügger

Hedeager Church has totally changed
- and Vilmantas has completed its biggest church decoration to date.

Hedeager Church revealed the most exciting church decoration of the year when they inaugurated the last part of Vilmanta's decoration of the church room on Sunday December 2nd. Hedeager Church was built in the 70s, and Vilmanta's decoration is the first major change that has happened since the church was built.

Hedeager Church March 2015

The preparation
In March 2015 the cooperation between Hedeager Church and Vilmantas begun. A testamentary donation to the church launched the prolonged process in finding the right solution. After a few meetings the church council decided October 2015 to consult Vilmantas and Galleri NB to talk about the possibilities. The church council and the priests had the wish to do a significant and different apperance of the church room with this donation.

With the donation, the ward council and priests wanted to ask for a distinct and different decoration of the church space. Initially, it was decided to have Vilmantas perform sketches for a large painting on the theme of Cutting Thursday. The work is based on Jesus who wash Simon Peter's feet before the Last Supper. A powerful biblical situation in which Jesus symbolically becomes Simon Peter's disciple with his action.

The finished painting is presented to the ward council.

Painting and stained glass
The large 300 x 190 cm painting was placed to the left of the altar. The altar wall itself has bricks projected into the wall to form a large tree of life. And to the right of the altar, the church has two glass panes.

Glass Master Per Hebsgaard with his mounting team.

Following the approval of the Holy Thursday painting, the parish council chose to allow Vilmantas to continue decorating the church with two stained-glass windows in the windows. Here, Vilmantas chose a more open account of the spread of the Christian message, with the main motif being two figures who, together, migrate into the landscape. The glass mosaics are made in and composed of mouth-blown unique glass at Glass Master Per Hebsgaard's workshop.

From left Thorkild NB Nielsen (gallery artist), Vilmantas Marcinkevicius (artist) and Henrik Stubkjær (bishop)

Together, the painting and stained-glass windows form a whole around the altar. Therefore celebrated church d. November 22, 2016 the new decor at a church service attended by Bishop Stubkjær.

However, the new decoration had such an effect on the room that the existing decoration of the pulpit appeared outdated. Therefore, the ward council decided to let Vilmantas find a solution to the decoration of the pulpit. Many ideas and suggestions came into play. It turned out that it was far more difficult to achieve a connection with the existing decoration than the artist had imagined.

The pulpit before mounting the stained glass windows.

The pulpit consists of a pine structure in which there are four fields. It was therefore debated whether the existing weaves should be replaced by similar weaves created by Vilmantas. It was also suggested that Vilmantas should make four separate paintings, each 88 x 61 cm.

Glass paintings in the pulpit
However, the solution became a completely different one. Vilmantas had, as a presentation, painted a large 120 x 250 cm motif to tell about the meaning of the four basic elements - minus earth, the earth being replaced by a white dove and people as a unifying symbol of the Holy Spirit's meaning and attraction to the congregation.

The Holy Spirit painting located in the main entrance.

However, without a definite idea, how the painting was to be converted into four elements in the pulpit stood. Without certainty that the ward council would accept a new and previously unseen idea, the gallery decided to allow Vilmantas to create four stained-glass windows with background lighting.

The stained glass windows mounted on the pulpit.

For a full ward council, the idea was presented at Hedeager Church in October 2018. And great was the relief when a united ward council chose to acquire the entire presentation. That is, four stained-glass windows were inserted in the pulpit, and the picturesque presentation was placed in the main entrance to the church.

Complete decoration

Hedeager Church with artistic decoration by Vilmantas. December 2018

On Sunday, December 2, the congregation marked the complete church decoration of Hedeager Church, whose content, expression, size, diversity and unusual artistic strength make it a whole new experience to use and visit the church.

Sparekassen Thy - Viborg

When Sparekassen Thy launched their new department in Viborg it came with a wish to making it a nice experience for the customers who entered the bank. The building consists of three floors with the service desk and meeting rooms as the central stations. At the same time, the facade is decorated from floor to ceiling. They wished to catch the eye of people passing by outside on the street, and therefore the dynamics within the decoration became high priority. 

In collaboration with interior designers, the human resource department and department leader Flemming Nyvang, we selected artist Henriette Hellstern. Her artistry was a good match and would compliment the appliance and dynamic expression in the room.  
Moreover, we selected the artist Vilmantas to accompany Hellstern works on the walls. His works matched the grey surface on the wall, and the motive was suitable as well which was a signal that emphasised the bank's sense of acting considerate. 

Painting by Vilmantas' in the welcome hall

The service station, Henriette Hellstern, "Indre Dialog"

The service station, Henriette Hellstern, "Indre Dialog"

Entry at the meeting rooms, Henriette Hellstern, Your Quiet Riot.

Fur Bryghus 

In spring 2018, the management at Fur Bryghus was determined to find a commission work suitable for their new building. They wished to improve on the looks in the room going from looking like an assembly hall to look more as a more creative space. It was important that the painting expressed a sense of quality and was remarkably just as the story of Fur Bryghus itself. In collaboration with the management, we selected artist Kristian Vodder Svensson, and he implemented a 10 metres long large scale painting on the end wall, consisting of 5 pieces each of 2 x 2 metres. udføre et meget stort maleri bestående af 5 stk. 2 x 2 m malerier. The end result was the expression of the artist's version of Knudeklinten located on the west bank of the island.  

The banquet hall, January 2018

From the inauguration, June 2018

Artist, Kristian Vodder Svensson introducing the guests to the new painting at Fur Bryghus 

Watch the movie and learn how the project succeeded: 
Kristian Vodder Svensson decorates at Fur Bryghus

The canteen at Randers Statsskole

In the summer 2016, artist Marius Martinussen made a commission work in the newly renovated canteen area below the ground floor at Randers Statsskole. 
2 x 54 m wall made in two parts: Slice and Dice & Four Seasons.

Template for Slice and Dice

Template for Four Seasons

Section of the result

Follow the project on You Tube or on Galleri NB's Videokanal.


Bjergsnæs Efterskole

Bjergsnæs Efterskolen 
In 2015, the school went through a vast reconstruction, and a new dining hall was implemented with a capacity for 160 pupils. 
After a longer process, we reached a conclusion to make a permanent decoration made by artist Kristian Vodder  Svensson. The commission work was a decoration on 3 walls within the dining hall. The fourth wall was near the panoramic view in the direction of northwest with a look to Viborg city. 
Kristian Vodder Svensson spend 3 months on making the commission work during the Winter of 2016. He included the pupils in the work both as painting and in the ideation phase, as the pupils came up with more than 100 sports, and these ones were implemented in the painting. The commission work was finished in spring 2016. 

Viborg Gymnasium & HF


Viborg Gymnasium & HF decided to build a new wing, and with that came an opportunity to decorate the end wall, 8 metres tall. Marius Martinussen was selected to present his take on it, and his templates made the big difference. He added a cosmic expression, where colors, spots and movement came together and created dynamics within the space. In order to pull through, we covered floors and staircases, and equipped with a lifting machine the artist had a reach of 8 metres and the work was completed with airbrush and silicate paint. 

Watch this video about the work here: YouTube.

Aura Energi, Odder

Østjysk Energi is an integrated part of Aura Energi. Østjysk Energi provides 58.000 installations in the Southern part of Aarhus Commune and Skanderborg Commune and Odder Commune. In allignment with the reconstruction of the headquarter, the management team decided to collaborate with Torben Rasmussen from the architectural office Johansen and Rasmussen. The aim of the art works was to emphasize the reconstructed area's inspirational purpose for the sake of the employees working there. 


Plejecenter Trekroner, Roskilde

Plejecenter Trekroner has a capacity of 107 nursing homes available for elderly people, and is located near by Trekroner Station. Plejecenter Trekroner is constructed as a modern low energy house. There are 107 nursing homes including common areas, and each of the homes are divided on seven departments, 14-15 nursing homes in each department. The house itself holds three floors and has naturally an elevator. On the ground floor, you will find offices, training facilities, café and kitchen, and there is a hairdresser, dentist and foot care as well. 

The building is one of the largest ones in Roskilde Commune. Despite the nursing home, another building appears - HP-huset - with a capacity of 48 homes available for people who suffers from mental illness. 
The commission work contains both paintings and installations. Jacob Brostrup has included familiar elements from the two previous nursing homes, among more he included used furniture. This is to manifest the memory of what was whilst putting it into another context. This part of the commission work is arranged in a tall room containing two floors, and a 60 cm shaft breaks with the central wall. The furniture is mounted 2 metres close to the shaft, and on the surface itself, a painting takes up space. In that way the art works play with the perspective of the viewer as a reminder to watch from a different perspective. 
In a more classical fashion is the art work called Sommerdag ved Roskilde fjord, which contains three paintings each with a size of 120x110 cm. Those are inspired by L.A. Rings painting from year 1900 with same title. In the works, the motives are twofold meaning that the top part shows "Sommerdag ved Roskilde fjord" and the lower part shows a 180 degrees view over Stændertorvet in Roskilde. 
Jacob Brostrup has trained to working with so called combines, and the works two-folds encounters art history itself as the meeting between the old and the present is unfolded in Roskilde. 
The commission work can be seen as a variated portray of the two new buildings, including their varieties through painting, graphics, installation, wallpaper and foil prints on glass. 

FF Skagen

A full decoration was implemented for the companies new domicile by the harbour in Skagen. The commission was executed in close collaboration with architect Jens Hansen MAA, Frederikshavn and the management team of FF Skagen. They selected the artists based on their presentation including budget and implementation of their art works. The selected artists to join the open call were by then, Sergei Sviatchenko, Kjell Nupen, Bent HolsteinPaul SmuldersAnne VilsbøllKári SvenssonWalter Barrientos and Thomas Andersson. Budgets and deadlines was fully met, and by December 2011 the commission work was done. 
Om projektet: Youtube - galleri NB – FF Skagen.

Viborg Rådhus

The town hall was designed by Henning Larsen Architects A/S and was inaugurated by Fall 2011.
The commission work made for Viborgs nye rådhus has a public interest today.  
The decoration was made by artist Kjell Nupen, as his presentation suited the square and the town hall park near by consisting of sculptural woods, a big water basin showing a ceramic painting at the bottom. 
A total of 23 individual woods made of bronze and the 80 m2 painted water basin is today an integrated artistic element within the town hall construction. 
Galleri NB was in charge through out this process from helping with conditions for contracting to executing the commission work. It was all concluded to the agreed price and was delivered in time. 
The full process was documented and broadcasted on TV with the title "Viborg Rådhus 2011." 
A bit of the project can also be found here: Youtube – galleri NB – Kjell Nupen


Skallerup Parken, Ålborg Øst

The commission work was an integration project made possible in collaboration with BRF Kredit, the citizens of Skallerupparken, Construction College and the artist Jacob Brostrup. MurMal was a result of a collaboration where the tenants of Skallerup Parken put some words on their dreams and visions for the area. Together with the young locals, artist Jacob Brostrup used the ideas for making a big mural, which today can be seen at the driveway to Skallerupvej. A huge and complex collaboration which sparks joy abd proudness for citizens and visitors.  
MurMal was supported by: BRFkredit, Integrationsministeriet, Lejerbo, Construction College Aalborg, Nordjyske Stilladsudlejning, 9220, Aalborg Kommune
Documentation: Youtube – galleri NB - MURMAL

Brønderslev byrådssal

A commission work where Galleri NB in collaboration with the mayor and artist advised with the purpose to lift the city council hall.
Ole Tersløse created besides from the art piece itself also a 3D work. 
To Nordjyske, Ole Tersløse explained about the work: "They look like reality, but they are oblique. To me, art is about making oblique perspectives. In short this can be looked upon as some sort of fable, a paraphrase on the communication process in a modern democracy." Tersløse even explained about the mechanical carrier pigeon, who is sent out in the world to spread the message and to see how the message is received is interesting for Tersløse: "I have tried to make a monument over the freedom of speech and the conditions for communication in a modern, western democracy. The interpretation is open for the viewer." 

Camp Logos

The housing company called Boligselskabet Sct. Jørgen Viborg-Kjellerup wished to add humane elements for their newly build dorms with the purpose of spreading joy for the tenants and the public. Galleri NB was in charge of selecting qualified artists and coordinate and modelling the commission work whilst considering the budget. The art was expected to express energy, youth, space for international meetings, friendship and joy. At the end, the painter Vilmantas was selected to decorate the facilities consisting of two entry halls of 80 m2. 
Documentation: Youtube – galleri NB – Camp Logos 

Region Midt, Viborg

The construction of the Region's council hall came with the opportunity of decorate the space with monumental art pieces made by the artists Jacob Brostrup og Vilmantas. The art works were installed in the foyer and by the separation of the floors. Galleri NB contributed with selection of artists and expression.

Hedeselskabet, Viborg

The renovation of Hedeselskabets headquarter for administrations, the management had chosen to complete an adornment of the board's meeting room as well as the hall. The art works was to emphasise Hedeselskabet's visions of being the leading business within developments of new products and optimal services so it will benefit nature and environment. Artists, Anne Vilsbøll and Vilmantas Marcinkevicius were selected for the commission work. 

Norups Plads, Silkeborg

In Summer 2008 Frode Steinicke took the opportunity to install his art work on a central spot in the city, whilst also taking a seat amongst the most popular artists in Denmark. It happened when Jyske Bank expanded their headquarter and made a new square by the end of the street, Vestergade.
The sculpture by Norups Plads, is a non-figurative geometrical sculpture. On the basis of a regular pentagon, the construction itself upholds a minimalistic and mathematical process of displacement which makes the sculpture wide, opens its form and shifts its placement. Height is 7,5 m., width is 4,5 m., depth is 2,5 m. The sculpture was made in te studio of bronze moulder, Leif Jensens in Bagsværd, and was transported to Silkeborg with a special transportation vehicle. The material being green patinated bronze.  


FC Midtjyllands Fodboldakademi   

The decoration was based on the expectation to sustain activities which the students of the football academy were working with. Galleri NB was asked to contribute with guidance and coordination from idea to presentation for the leading management as well as the students of the academy. The process resulted in artist Sergei Sviatchenko executing the commission work consisting of 12 massive collages mounted on the walls. All works were inspired by the practice and virtues of the football academy.  

Adventskirken – Vanløse

An exciting process culminated in a collaboration with the church council between the years 1997 – 2000. We lead the process including ideation, selection of artists and achieving permissions from the ministry. Multi artist Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen exported an unusually organic and inspiring altar wall, which was consecrated in the year 2000. 
The decoration consisted of two large paintings mounted on each side of the existing crucifix. The painrings consists of earth, chalk, grain, pigment and gold leaf. 
Within this interaction between the tight crucifix and the paintings, space for interpretation is created making it truly interesting to dwell at the altar wall. 

Mariehøj Kirke - Silkeborg

Presentations for a new altarpiece were made by three artists in spring 2008, and artist Thomas Andersson was selected for his original idea. Half a year's work resulted in a service in Mariehøj Kirke the 29th of November 2009 i Silkeborg. Later on the artist exported an organic crucifix which is now mounted at the front of the pulpit. All materials for the pulpit was made out of bronze and wood of lead gold, and the crucifix itself is made of bronze. 

Jyske Finans - Silkeborg

Jyske Finans builded a new domicile for its employees in 2005 containing their cantina with a capacity of 200 people. Artist Carsten Frank executed 9 landscape paintings entitled Land. For each piece Carsten Frank wrote a small poem. 
This project has since been an inspiration for Kristian Lilholt who composed songs based on the paintings and the poems. In 2012 and 13 thousands of excited visitors could experience music as well as paintings when the artist toured around in Denmark. 

Depriciation on art for your company

Danish companies have the right to deduct or depriciate expenses in relation to art. 
- simple if you follow these guidelines: 

What sort of art
The rules apply to original works of visual arts. This means paintings, graphics, photography, installation and the like. There is a distinction between art works hanging or being installed, and art works being integrated within a constructed building. 
When it comes to graphic and photographic works, it is a separate rule that they have been numbered and signed by the artist and only produced in a limited edition. 
The right to depriciate on art counts for art works which are purchased for the first time and is bought either directly from the artist or bought by a representing gallery. The right to depriciate drops if the artist is related either as family or close person to the director of the company. 

Artworks which are hanging or installed  
Depreciation can be employed as the reducing balance up to 25 % per year, using same rules that answers to inventory. 
If the purchase price is 12.800 kr. (2015) or less per art work, the company can subtract the amount from that very year the art work is being purchased. 

Art integrated into the building
Depriciation can be employed as 4 % per year and answers to the same rules counting for buildings. 
This rule counts for commission works which is walled up, mounted or in any other way attached to the construction or its nearby environments. It has no meaning if the commission work is employed in relation to reconstructions of the property in a later point of time. If it is found to be a combined office space and residential property, depreciation counts for decorations of the office and business part.

When the art piece is sold
When an art work that is covered by the rules is being sold, tax must be paid if there eventually is a gain. An economical loss is eligible to depreciation. Sales include demolition and deconstruction as well as any transition from public to private use.  

Expenditures for renting out art
If a company makes an agreement with a gallery about renting art works for a defined period in time, normally the expenditures can be deducted as any ordinary running cost.  

VAT registred companies which purchase art works for the purpose of decorating the company, can depriciate VAT in relation to that order in allignment with the rules counting in any other purchase.