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Opening hours: Wed-Fri: 12-17 // Sat: 11-15


Slut dato: 2023-08-12

10.06 – 12.08

WAOU 23 is the year's overall strongest artistic manifestation in Gallery NB.
The WAOU exhibitions started in 2019 and have subsequently become Galleri NB's annual recurring event, where the gallery's artists, together with new invited artists, do their best to be able to present their most important works to a large audience.

Part of the exhibition

The audience can look forward to an exhibition which primarily presents painting, sculpture and collage in very different expressions and formats. However, the works have in common that they have all been selected for their individual artistic qualities.

We are therefore we are very proud to be able to present works by the following international artists
- photolinks to the artists:

Andrea Damp

Ann-Lisbeth Sanvig

Beate Höing


Carsten Frank

Daniela Schönemann


Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen

Henrik Kleppe

John Reuss

Krestine Harboe Lorentzen

Marius Martinussen


Nana RHB

Paul Smulders


Petter Alexander Hepsø

Sabine Beyerle


Steen Larsen

Toon Berghahn

Vilmantas Marcinkevicius

Youtube video about the exhibition: