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Kristian Vodder Svensson

Henriette Hellstern - Das Narrenhaus

Slut dato: 2019-09-22


Henriette Hellstern is a big fan of thematic exhibitions. They stay focused and create an interesting and intense experience for the audience. Therefore, it is with great expectations that we look forward to the upcoming exhibition.

Henriette Hellstern is remarkably strong, dynamic and very personal in her expression and profile. She herself says: I think I became an expressionist, as working with real true emotions every day. It was a taboo in my childhood, but today I can tell the present, the incoming and the stories through this technique, says Henriette Hellstern, adding: precisely this, talking about things through art is important to me. I think we can meet across differences if we can communicate, and what's better than the art of making paintings on words we can't say?

Therefore, we look forward to the thematic exhibition Das Narrenhaus, which takes an affectionate starting point in the doctors' practice towards the patients at the Insanity Hospital in Viborg in 1877.

Das Narrenhaus is also the story of being an outsider and misunderstood individual. In Henriette Hellstern's childhood in East Jutland, artists also felt differently. The need for a psychologist was completely outlawed, and they looked down at those in the community who needed help. Something that the artist feelled on her own body as she went down with social phobia and then severe depression. The understanding of the outside world was missing.

The exhibition is therefore a two-part experience where one can choose one's focus in relation to a personal interest in either the professional side of psychiatry as it was 142 years ago, or as an insight into the artist’s challenges of life's vital issues.