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Kunstnere NBeX project

About Lene Bødker glass sculptures:
They look like small wooden stumps, the dark heavy glass sculptures that rise stubbornly in the light with their granular glass skin and smooth polished surfaces on the top. One is the result from a sharp chisel another from a flat chisel, but the organic shapes are alike. If you walk around them they change character after the light. It could also be some kind of a water plant or a sea anemone which has closed itself to protect its delicate inside. Seen from above the glossy surface is like the surface of the water but if you look down into the deep, then you will see that what looked like rough bark now looks like a thin shell. Amazed you look down into an interior which at first seems as clear as water but then suddenly condenses into an impenetrable darkness like nature itself, which makes us wonder, but in the end proves to be an abyss into which you fall and fall until it closes above you as a dreamless sleep.

Opposites attract in Lene Bødker’s sculptures and repeatedly elicit new modes of expression from the glass, new secrets. The use of glass can be traced a long way back in both art and architecture, but Lene Bødker does not settle with the traditional use of the fascinating material. She casts it in powerful elements, blows it up into vessels, combines the glass with other substances and thus creates new combinations. She has painted long squares on a plate of dull grey lead and placed white glass cast in different forms with surfaces as rough as granite. Some of the figures are soft and organic; others are cast into a rectangular form with a wavelike pattern. With the grey lead as background where light dies and disappears, you experience the glass as stones which have been in water for a long time. But then your eyes are attracted by reflections in the black shining squares, light that plays in the glass, the sharp lines and the soft curves which make you think of architecture, leaded windows, the roofs of churches and floating clouds.

Lene Bødker does not resign with results once achieved. She is always moving and on her way, and her things are alive and fascinating. Perhaps she depicts her own way of working in the blue glass wall? Placed at a simple base of lead it resembles a wall of granite boulders which can be found in the foundations of old farm buildings or medieval churches – it still has remains of white mortar in the grooves. But the parts are not as rough as stones. They are rather like eggs. In ancient Egypt the egg symbolized the mystery of life, the alchemists believed the egg form to encircled their world, and in our culture the egg is a metaphor for a new beginning, eternity and resurrection. Lene Bødker’s wall unites all this and you feel like touching it in search for an opening which can give you a glimpse of the secret behind. But it also gives you a square gate in the lower left side – a gateway for thought or reason?

Soft and hard, heavy and light, lead and glass, sense and sensibility, in a universe which is constantly moving, the artist creates such a poetic thing as a wall which is soft as a human body.

By Lisbeth Smedegaard Andersen

Lene Bødker - CV
(f. 1958)

2010- Medlem af Kunstnersamfundet
2009- Medlem af Billedkunstnernes Forbund (BKF)
2005-13 Medlem af Glasmuseum Ebeltofts kunstneriske råd
2004-09 Ekstern censor ved Glas- og Keramikskolen på Bornholm
2004-10 Ekstern censor ved Danmarks Designskole
1999 Gæstekunstner ved Illinois State University, USA
1994 Underviser på Krabbesholm Højskole, Skive
1994 /95/96/00 Underviser på Kunsthøjskolen, Holbæk
1993 /94/95 Glasmuseet, Ebeltoft, glasmager
1992 Danmarks Designskole, Institut for Unika, afgang
1990 /91/92 Assistent ved Snogebæk Glashytte, Bornholm
1990 Studieophold på Sunderland Polytechnic, School of Art & Design
1984 - 88/94/95 Underviser på Langelands Kunsthøjskole

2011 Inga og Ejvind Kold Christensens Fond
2011 Anne Marie Telmanyi født Carl-Nielsens Hæderslegat
2007 The Grand Prize, Kanazawa Glass Award
2001 Hempels Glaspris, hæderspris'
1999 Ole Haslunds Kunstnerfond, hæderspris
1996 Yutta Cuny-Franz Foundation
1994 Yutta Cuny-Franz Foundation, Honourable Award
1993 Dansk Kunsthåndværkerpris, præmieret af Statens Kunstfond

Statens Kunstfonds livsvarige ydelse, 2012
Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond, rejse- og arbejdslegater
Statens Kunstfond, rejselegat
Statens Kunstfond, arbejdslegat
Statens Kunstfonds 3-årige stipendium
Anne-Lise Fussings Rejselegat
Glashandler Johan Franz Ronges Fond, rejselegat
Volmer Sørensen og Hustrus Legat, rejselegat
Thomas B. Thriges Fond, arbejdsle
Designfonden, arbejdslegat
Krista og Viggo Petersens Fond, rejselegat
Augustinus Fonden
Danish Crafts
Hrs. C. L. Davids Legat for slægt og venner
Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond
Knud Højgaards Fond
Oak Foundation Denmark
Oticon Fonden
Ors. L. Zeutens Mindelegat

Statens Kunstfond
Glasmuseet Ebeltoft
Kunstindustrimuseet i København
Kunstforeningen af 14. august
Glasmuseum Hentrich i Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf
Holstebro Kunstmuseum
Statens Kunstfond, Sverige
Svenske Handelsbankens Art Association
Victoria & Albert Museum, London
Designcenter Ishigawa, Kanazawa
Glasmuseum Alter Hof Herding, Coesfeld-Lette
Musée-atelier du verre, Sars-Poteries
Les Arts Decoratifs, Paris

2015 Alssundgymnasiet Sønderborg
2014 Østerhåb kirke, Horsens
2013 Statkraft, Olso
2004 Randers Politigård, Randers
2003 Amtsrådsforeningen, København
2003 Randers Politigård, Randers
2002 LO, Landsorganisationen i Danmark, København
1997 Veterinærdirektoratet, Ringsted

2018 Nedslag, NBeX project/galleri NB Viborg
2017 Ce qui suit, Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2016 Maison Louis Carré, Bazoches-sur-Guyonne
2010 Leon Salet ARTEMODA, Maastricht
2009 Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2009 The Glassery, Stockholm
2008 Galleri NB, Viborg
2007 Glasmuseet Ebeltoft
2005 Politikens Galleri
2004 Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2003 Galerie Danoise, Paris
2000 Galleri Grønlund, København
1999 Kunst & Kultur, Banegården, Aabenraa
1995 C.E. Fritzsche, København

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- DG15, Moderne Dansk Glas Igennem 40 År, Glasmuseeum Ebeltoft
- Kunstforeningen af 14. augusts 50 års jubilæumsudstilling, Paustian, København
- Glass, Sophienholm, Lyngby
- Substans 2014, Bredgade Kunsthandel
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- Glass, Holstebro Kunstmuseum
- "Eunique", Karlsruhe
- Inspired by Nature, Hempel Glasmuseum
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Glass Art Museum
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