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Født 1960 i København

1984-86 Dartington College of Arts, England
1980-83 Den Frie Kunstskole, Odense

2015 Come Rain or Come Shine, galleri NB Viborg, Denmark
2014 HAUPT "Nordic Spells" Base, Switzerland
2014 Cars landscapes and a kind of Blue, Galleri V58, Aarhus, Denmark
2014 Junkyard Galleri NB Viborg, Denmark
2012 'ROAD vol. II' galleri NB København, Denmark
2012 ’ROAD’ Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, Denmark
2012 ’ROAD’ Sophienholm, Lyngby, Denmark
2011 ’Parkerede Drømme’ galleri NB Viborg, Denmark
2010 galleri NB, Roskilde, Denmark
2010 Æglageret, Holbæk, Denmark
2009 galleri NB, Viborg
2007 galleri NB, Roskilde
2006 galleri NB, Viborg
2005 galleri NB, Roskilde
2004 galleri NB, Viborg
2003 Skive Kunstmuseum
2001 Årets kunstner, Rådhusets kunstforening, Århus
2001 Galleri Jørgen Østergaard, Ikast
2000 Galerie Provence, Ålborg
1999 Leoni Gallery, Viborg
1999 Galerie Anne Marie, Copenhagen
1995 Galleri Høgsberg, Århus
1995 Galleri Provence, Ålborg
1992 galleri NB, Viborg

2018 Nordic Noir, galleri NB, Viborg Denmark
2017 Norcic Noir Art, Rundetårn, Copenhagen
2015 Mana Contemporary, NYC Eskff anual auktion, USA
2013 Painting and Its Contexts, Contemporary Art Center Vilnius, LT (galleri NB Viborg, DK) (K)
2013 IN BETWEEN TREES, galleri NB Viborg, DK
2011 Elephant Parade, Copenhagen
2010 Art Copenhagen, galleri NB, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
2009 Art Vilnius, galleri NB
2008 Marziart international Gallerie Hamburg
2008 Art Copenhagen, galleri NB, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
2007 Rønnebæksholm, Dansk figuration
2007 Art Copenhagen, galleri NB, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 ”Danish Landscapes” Astley Hall Art Gallery, Manchester, England
2006 Art Copenhagen, galleri NB, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 Art Herning, galleri NB, Herning, Denmark
2005 ”Den fleksible virkelighed” Halmstad Artmuseum Sweden
2005 ”Den fleksible virkelighed,” Vestjyllands Artmuseum, Tistrup
2005 Art Copenhagen, galleri NB, Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark
2005 ”Fantastiske Figurationer”, Påskeudstilling, Skive Kunstmuseum
2005 ”Landskaber omkring Viborg”, Viborg Stiftsmuseum, Denmark
2005 Dansk landskabsmaleri, Galleri NB Roskilde
2004 Skive Kunstmuseum, ”Værker fra egen samling”
2003 Sofienholm, ”Moderne dansk landskabsmaleri”
2003 Århus Kunstbygning, Moderne dansk landskabsmaleri”
2002 Christmas Art Fair, Århus Kunstmuseum, Århus
2001 Kunstavisens 20 års jubilæumsudstilling, Køge
2000 Art Copenhagen, Galerie Anne Marie
2000 “Det danske land” Gallerigården Grinsted
1999 Art Copenhagen, Galerie Anne Marie, Copenhagen
1998 Galerie Anne Marie, Copenhagen
1998 Galerie Avantgarde, Randers
1998 Påskeudstilling, Galleri Provence
1997 Galerie Anne Marie, Copenhagen
1996 Galleri 12, DR
1995 Kulturspinderiet, Silkeborg, Denmark
1994 Charlottenborgs forårsudstilling
1993 Inter 93 Holstebro, Denmark
1992 Kunsternes Hus, Århus, Denmark
1992 Kunstnernes Efterårsudstilling
1991 Pakhuset Viborg, Denmark

2011 Brønden, Brøndby Strand
2000 HK´s 100 year anniversary - painting of wall in Silkeborg
Århus Købmandsskole
Outdoor painting of wall in Skt. Petersborg
Vejle Library

2002 Professor Erik Hjørting, Tandlægehøjskolen Kbh.

2003 Billedhuggeren, prof. Gottfred Eickhoff og hustru, Maleren Gerda Eickhoffs Foundation
2003 George Harms Foundation
1995 Tegneren Anne Gretes Fond
1992-93 Danidas Rejselegat, (Indien-Nepal)
2002 Århus kommunes kunstnerstipendiat
2001 Billedkunstrådet

2003 Skive Kunstmuseum
1997 HK´s Forbundshus´s permanent collection.

”Digt en Tiger” ISBN 87 7704 366 9
Dansk Kunst 1999, 2000,2003 og 2004
North-Art Magazine nr. 52.
Vartovbogen 2002: ISBN 87-87389-57-6.
”Panorama” af Erik Meistrup: ISBN 87-7405-049-4

Billedkunstnernes forbund - Dansk Figuration

Excerpt from the article “Udflugt i det grønne” (Picnic Outing) from Danish weekly, Weekendavisen.
Ulrik Høy

It takes 4-5 hours to drive from Copenhagen to the west coast of Jutland, and it takes in the range of 7-8 hours to travel from the northern tip of Jutland – Skagen – to the town of Gedser on the southern tip of Falster. On a global scale, it [Denmark] is quite small, which is why it touches the inner core of our heart.

Nature in Denmark is limited in scope, manageable in perspective; and as anyone will know, there are neither mountains nor valleys nor gushing waterfalls. What it promises is something else: Proximity, intimacy and diversity. All kinds of landscapes and habitats are open to the public, whether you can be bothered or not. You can leave in the morning and return in the evening and you’ll have seen most of what there is to see.

A visit to the Danish countryside – even the most remote corner – is a mere picnic outing. Call, if you wish, the Danish countryside a kind of drive-in convenience. You meander down the country lane; cruise aimlessly from place to place. You drive in, the American way. But the Danish countryside isn’t American, for in the US everything is bigger, in each and every aspect. That’s why the Americans leave vast natural expanses untouched. No one does anything to these areas, and only few set foot on them. That’s unthinkable to us in a country where every inch is cultivated and – for better or worse – »gemacht« [made over].

In Denmark, nature doesn’t tend itself, except costal areas. So this is our natural heritage, and these are the thoughts on what we pass on to our descendents we must consider. The conditions are set: nature in Denmark is miniaturized and holds many experiences in store, if you have an eye for them…