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Architects and client often want to decorate their buildings with art.
NB gallery specializes in advising public and private companies wishing artworks Intergral inside and around their buildings.

Our reference list includes, of course, many companies in both the private and public sectors. Following is a brief visual presentation of individual and very different ornamentation tasks:

Hedeager church has gone through a total change
– and Vilmantas has finished his greatest church commission.
Hedeager Church reveals the most interesting church commission of the year when they Sunday, December 2th inaugurates the last part of Vilmantas commission of the church. Hedeager Church was constructed in the 70s and this church commission of Vilmantas is the first big change which has taken place since the church was build.

Some description

The preparation
In March 2015 the cooperation between Hedeager Church and Vilmantas begun. A testamentary donation to the church launched the prolonged process in finding the right solution. After a few meetings the church council decided October 2015 to consult Vilmantas and Gallery NB to talk about the possibilities. The church council and the priests had the wish to do a significant and different apperance of the church room with this donation.

Some description
Sketch by Vilmantaas.

At first it was decided that Vilmantas should make sketches of a bigger painting which should represent the theme of Maundy Thursday. The artwork has its baseline in Jesus who cleanses Simon Peters feet before the last Supper.
A strong biblical situation in which Jesus with his act symbolically becomes Simon Peters disciple.

Some description
Members of the council accept the new painting. 

Painting and mosaic
The big painting 300 x 190 cm was placed at the left side of the altarpiece.
The altarpiece has bricks brought forward in the wall so it “builds” a big tree of life. And to the right the church has two big glass windows.

Some description
Per Hebsgaard and his staff after mounting the glass mosaic.

After the approval of the painting of Maundy Thursday the church council decided to let Vilmantas continue with the commission of the church room by placing two glass mosaics in the windows.
The artist chose a more open narration of the spread of the Christian message - the main motive is two figures who are wandering together into the landscape. It can also tell the story that Jesus always follows you whereever you are.
The glass mosaics are made by mouth blown unique glass at glass master Per Hebsgaard workshop.

Some description
The lightning is always changing.

The painting and the glass mosaics creates a unity around the altar.
The church celebrated the new commission November 22th 2016 during a commemoration service with participation of bishop Henrik Stubkjær.

Some description
Photo taken at the inauguration.
From left side: Thorkild NB Nielsen (galleri NB), Vilmantas Marcinkevicius (artist) and Henrik Stubkjær (bishop)

The pulpit
In the meantime the new commission had such an powerful influence on the church room that the existing ornamentation of the pulpit appeared as outdated.

Some description
The old pulpit.

The church council decided to let Vilmantas choose a solution for a new decoration of the pulpit. A lot of ideas and suggestions were made.
It turned out that it was much more difficult to make a good connection with the existing pulpit than the artist had imagined.
The pulpit is made of pine tree, in which there is four parts. It was discussed whether the existing weavings should be replaced of similar weavings made by Vilmantas.
Furthermore it was suggested that Vilmantas made four separate paintings (88 x 61 cm).
Glass painting on the pulpit

Some description
The new pulpit with four pieces of glass mosaic with LED light behind.

The solution became totally different. Vilmantas had as a presentation painted a motive (120 x 250 cm) which should show the meaning of "the four elements" - but without earth, the earth was replaced by a white dove and by humans as a united symbol of the Holy Spirits meaning and attraction for the congregation.
However there was no finished idea of how the painting could be transformed to the four parts on the pulpit.
Without certainty that the church council would accept the idea the gallery decided to let Vilmantas create four glass paintings with background lightening.
The idea was presented for all the members of the church council in Hedeager Church October 2018. And it was with great relief that a united church council agreed on the presentation – which was four glass paintings inserted on the pulpit.

Some description
And the picturesquely presentation of 120 x 250 cm got placed at the main entrance to the church.

Some description
Hedeager Church 2018 2nd of December

Complete commission
The inauguration Sunday, December 2th marks Hedeager Church completed church commission in which the consents, expression, size, diversity and spectacular artistic power makes it to a whole new experience to use and visit the church.

Randers Statsskole

Some description

Marius Martinussen created this very big commission for Randers Statsskole (gymnasium) during summertime 2016.
a commision of 2 x 54 m wall divided into two themes:
Some description Sketch
Slice and Dice

Some description Sketch
The Four Seasons

Some description Finished 

Some description
The process was filmed and you can see the video at You Tube.

Bjergsnaes Efterskole

Some description

Some description

Some description


Some description
Before and after

Bjergsnæs Efterskolen completed in 2015 major rebuilding. In this regard, you got also a new dining room for 160 students.
Kristian Vodder Svensson spent about 3 months of work on the decoration, where he also involved the students in the work.
For example, students proposed over 100 different sports, as part of the paintings. Also took part several art enthusiasts students painting on the decoration.
The decoration was completed in the spring 2016th

Viborg Gymnasium

Some description Some description
Some description Some description 

In the context of the Viborg Gymnasium & HF built a new language wing arose the wish to decorate the 8 meter high end wall. We therefore chose to let Marius Martinussen come up with a proposal for how a decoration could be completed.

From sketches and manipulations they chose the theme of the universe. A cosmic expression, where colors, spots and moves together would create dynamism for the new building. To carry out the work required the covering of floor surfaces and stairs and a lift to a range of 8 meters. The decoration was then completed with airbrush and silicate on the wall.

Townhall of Viborg

Some description

Artist: Kjell Nupen, Norway

Camp Logos, Viborg

Some description

Artist: Vilmantas Marcinkevicius

Aura Energi, Odder/Århus

Some description

Artist: Sergei Sviatchenko, Jacob Brostrup, Christina Blaabjerg

Mariehoej Church, Silkeborg

Some description

Artist: Thomas Andersson

Hedeselskabet, Viborg

Some description

Artists: Anne Vilsbøll, Vilmantas Marcinkevicius

Aulum Center, Aulum

Some description

Artist: Thomas Andersson

Broenderslev Townhall, Brønderslev

Some description

Artist: Ole Tersløse