Vilmantas - Together

Slut dato: 2019-10-27

20 years of intense collaboration and Vilmantas upcoming 50th birthday are the occasion to present an exhibition featuring the finest of this unique artistic expression and personality.

The exhibition will fill both the Main gallery and NBeX project with paintings, graphic works, stained glass, painted ceramic dishes and unique jars.

For those who do not yet know Vilmantas, it is worth mentioning that he has had a remarkable career since the academy in Vilnius, Lithuania, which is constantly evolving.

At the request of a wellknown  art collector, we first met Vilmantas and his wife Indra in 1997. This meeting and the following two years had major consequences for both Vilmantas career and gallery NB's profile. Thus, since 2000, the artist and gallery has a world wide cooperation. Vilmantas is a very technically skilled artist and at the same time creative artist with personal attitudes. For example, during academy, he developed his own color spectrum and a holistic mindset for his expressive works. Historically, there will be evidence to describe Vilmantas with its very unique approach to colors and the true personal artistic expression, as a great artistic personality with brilliant features.

In addition to his normal work in the studio, he has carried out extensive decorations and portrait assignments, primarily in Denmark. Furthermore, he is an example to many Lithuanian artists, including as initiator and founder of the annual Young Painters Price, which takes place in Vilnius, and attracts young artists from all three Baltic countries.